Islamic Research Institute of Social Sciences (IRISS) is an independent non-governmental educational institute which is dedicated to conduct policy-oriented Islamic research on social contemporary issues covering intellectual, moral and spiritual aspects of Islam to deal with immense challenges in this contemporary era and to promote and propagate true and real essence of Islam based on Mutual Love, Peace, Harmony and Service for Humanity. The institute provides an environment for research and dialogue on national and international issues in the light of Islamic teachings about all walks of life involving intellectuals, Muslims and scholars from other religions, opinion makers and learned personalities.

IRISS organizes dialogues, discussions, seminars and conferences between the different types of divided factions of the society to enable them to understand each other, to remove their misconceptions, doubts and fears of one another.

IRISS offers a key role in the advocacy of the important issues prevalent in the society. IRISS has many types of training programs, workshops, capacity-buildings programs to enable individuals, organizations and other important stake holders of the society to enhance and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to do their jobs competently or to a greater capacity.

The religion of Islam is a complete code of life, however, the Muslim Ummah have failed to implement the rules of Islamic law in their social structures. Quran and Sunnah are the basic source of Islamic laws which provide us complete guidance in political, cultural, social, economic, technologic, financial, scientific, historical and agricultural spheres of life.

Unfortunately, being a Muslim we have left the way of critical thinking and research on our religion and unable to compete with the modern globalized world at the moment. The lack of research and intellectual capacity on social and contemporary issues according to the religion of Islam produces ambiguity in Muslim societies across the world. It is the need of the time to set up an institute which not only conducts the research on emerging issues but also provides the practical solutions and recommendations to solve the problems that Muslim Ummah generally and our country particularly is confronted with in modern times.

For a proper reconstruction of Muslim society it was considered imperative that Islamic scholars should engage themselves in in-depth study, research and analysis in the fields of social sciences according with Quran and Sunnah, Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, History, Culture, Philosophy, Sufiism and various other modern subjects.

It is essential not only to review and analyze the development of Muslim scholars in the past but also to draw a plan for the future development of Muslim thought to enable the Ummah to cope up with the rapidly changing environment and society and to meet the requirements of a dynamic Muslim society. The Islamic Research Institute of Social Sciences is dedicated to a systematic and scholarly study of contemporary social, political and economic issues from an inter-disciplinary and religious perspective. The Institute makes its research findings and recommendations available to all the public, national and state governments, policy makers, civil society organizations and workers.


The Islamic Research Institute’s objectives are;

1. To create the culture of research and conduct research on Islamic social sciences with rational and scientific interpretation of Islam in the context of modern age.
2. To highlight moral and spiritual values and teachings of Islam to promote it’s true and real face based on Mutual Love, Peace, Harmony and Service for Humanity.

3. To develop and disseminate methodology for research in various fields of Islamic learning to face big challenges in this Modern Era.

4. To understand and explain Islam in depth and work out its implications for human thought and action in the present-day.

5. To study and elaborate the teachings of Islam in the context of the intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world.

6. To organize study groups for identifying issues facing the Muslim society and to identify and propose its solutions.

7. To arrange seminars, conferences, dialogues, focused group discussions and workshops to promote harmonious understanding amongst various schools of thought in Muslims.

Areas of Research:

Social Studies is integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence; we mainly cover these topics for our time to time research and analysis in light of Islamic teachings and modern research and studies to promote its awareness in Muslim Society as well as for Modern World;

1. Social Development & Welfare
2. Human Development
3. Religion & Spiritual Studies
4. Sociology & Social Systems
5. Justice & Judicial Systems
6. System of Governance
7. Ethics & Morality
8. Human Studies & Anthropology
9. Communication studies
10. Economics & Finance
11. Education & Educational Systems
12. Human & Natural geography
13. History & It’s all Impacts
14. Law & Enforcement
15. Linguistics & Literature
16. Political science & Systems
17. Public & General Administration
18. Conflict and Peace Studies
19. Psychology & Human Attitudes
20. Gender Studies and Women’s Development